Whether it’s the first time or the third time, a new addition to the family can bring tremendous joy. For Briana Schachter ’05 and Neil Schachter, their new baby, Caroline, was no different.

“It’s such a wonderful feeling when you hold your child for the first time and I think with each one you realize just how tiny they are,” Schachter says. “Because you forget, you’re so used to having toddlers. My oldest is now almost 5, so I think it’s just almost this feeling of awe in many different respects and facets.”

With COVID restrictions easing up, Schachter was able to have a relatively normal delivery on August 8, 2022. Her husband Neil was able to be in the room and their extended family could come visit the new arrival right away. This starkly contrasted with Schachter’s middle child, Henry, who was born during the height of the pandemic.

Caroline has already met so many friends and family through her big brothers’ playdates and preschool. “She’s the sweetest baby and very good natured,” Schachter says, “She just started smiling, which just absolutely melts us. She’s my first and realistically only girl, so that’s been such a joy.”

13 Feb 2023