Bob Fruehsamer M.S. ’71 was born to Bernhard and Irene Fruehsamer and grew up in New York City. He attended Pratt University and lived in Rochester, New York, for a few years, eventually moving to the Bay Area in the late 1960s. He received a master’s degree from SCU in electrical engineering and worked for several electronics firms in the burgeoning Silicon Valley, including General Dynamics and Sylvania. He co-founded Acc-U-Tune, a successful chain of automobile maintenance centers (now Precision Tune) and invested in real estate throughout the South Bay Area. From an early age, Bob developed a love for nature and mountains. He visited numerous national parks and loved to go skiing and hiking in Lake Tahoe. He also enjoyed traveling. He took many international trips to places including Moscow, Ecuador, Egypt, and others. He was actively involved in the city of Sunnyvale and could be regularly found walking, eating, or dancing on Murphy Street. He is survived by his son, Alex, sister Susan, brother Ed, nieces Tracey and Lynne, nephews Greg, Chris, Drew, and Jay, and numerous other family and friends.

23 Jan 2020