Ben Petersen ’10 is featured in the upcoming issue of Fit & Firm Magazine as a cover model. In other sources, he discusses his ability to juggle being a family man, manage a wealth management firm, and compete as a top-level physique competitor. Petersen also appears in a fitness documentary series airing in the spring on Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and Apple TV called Access Muscle. He won a competition at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco to turn pro in June 2020, which qualified him to compete in the U.S. National Championships in Miami over Thanksgiving. Ben placed third, and can compete in the World Championships in 2021, should he choose to do so. Petersen is the author of a book titled Health & Wealth.
After four years post-grad at Morgan Stanley, he started his own firm, Kalyx Capital Management in Bend, Oregon, and has recently expanded to include a branch in Sun Valley, ID. He continues to manage a great deal of money in the Bay Area and spend a lot of time in Silicon Valley when not in Oregon. He was married in the Mission Chapel summer of 2015.

12 Jun 2020