Art L. Jaramillo J.D. ’75 is a partner in the law firm of Cuddy & McCarthy, LLP. He focuses his practice primarily on the areas of complex commercial and tort litigation, insurance law, antitrust and trade regulation, and public utility regulation. Jaramillo came to the firm after serving as Secretary of the New Mexico General Services Department (2006-2010), Superintendent of the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department (2003-2005), and 26 years as a director and trial lawyer with the Santa Fe law firm formerly known as Jones, Snead, Wertheim, Wentworth & Jaramillo, P.A. (1976-2002). He is also a past president of the State Bar of New Mexico and a regular presenter of continuing legal education programs on advanced communication skills and the value of emotional intelligence in the practice of law.

29 Oct 2018