Andrew J. Bataille ’70, resident of San Jose, died on April 2, 2010.  If you met Andy once, you never forgot him. He wasn’t an exceptionally tall man; he liked to say he was 6’1". Nor was he dashingly gorgeous; he would say somewhere in between Clark Gable and John Goodman. By all appearances he was an average man, with an above average smile. But when you met him, he truly was larger than life, and you were acutely aware of just how special he was.  Born in Altadena, Calif. to Peggy and Jerry Bataille, Andy attended La Salle High School in Pasadena before moving to the Bay Area, where he joined his sisters Claire and Marguerite, and his brother, Hank, at Santa Clara University, graduating in 1970. He then spent three years in the Navy, where he served on the U.S.S. Enterprise during the Vietnam War. Andy returned to San Jose in 1978 to start a family and raise his two children, Colleen and Jacques, who would ultimately become his greatest source of pride and joy. He spent the remainder of his life in Almaden, where he devoted his spare time to teaching kids valuable life lessons through the game he loved most, baseball.  As pure a soul as could be, Andy enjoyed life’s simple pleasures: a steak, chocolate ice cream, Jack Daniels, SCU basketball & USC football, his Dodgers and Lakers, the beach and a good book.  His soul is an enduring one, and his spirit will live on in those who love him dearly and remember him so fondly. Andy is survived by his two children, Colleen and Jacques Bataille, and his adoring mutt, Kane.

08 Nov 2018