Upon graduation, Amanda Arthur ’11 co-founded a mobile application with her father. Aimed at helping local businesses communicate to their customers, OptTown got a first round of venture capital funding in 2012. The app was launched at Santa Clara, much as Mark Zuckerberg tested out Facebook at Harvard. Twenty-five of Santa Clara’s favorite businesses participated, from Blinky’s, to Blondie’s Frozen Yogurt, to Wicked Chicken (formerly known as Cluck You). After Santa Clara, the company targeted U.C. Davis, where the college atmosphere and demographic provided an even more receptive audience. By June 2013, Arthur and her team of sales reps signed up an additional 350 businesses and 25,000 unique users to downloaded the app. The OptTown technology was acquired in early 2014, and Arthur transitioned to work for a pre-IPO startup in San Francisco, named MuleSoft. She now runs global training and enablement for their inside sales department. She lives in San Francisco.

30 Oct 2018