• Recovery of faith in a new direction

    Recovery of faith in a new direction

    David E. DeCosse, 6 Apr 2017

    Ethicist David DeCosse considers the distinction between religion and God in the the novel and movie Silence.

  • O’Brien’s Odyssey

    O’Brien’s Odyssey

    Steven Boyd Saum, 15 Aug 2016

    The well-traveled Kevin O’Brien, S.J., heads to Santa Clara’s Jesuit School of Theology.

    Summer 2016

  • ‘One of the Nation’s Greatest Women’

    ‘One of the Nation’s Greatest Women’

    Alden Mudge, 8 Apr 2016

    She was an extraordinary advocate and leader in the Progressive Era. Her husband even used to talk about “when we were governor.”

  • An American Story

    An American Story

    Steven Boyd Saum, 13 Mar 2016

    A few words from the remarkable life of Francisco Jiménez '66

    Spring 2016

  • Horse Sense

    Horse Sense

    Grace Ogihara ’16 and Steven Boyd Saum, 13 Mar 2016

    Economist Mario Belotti has been helping students understand the intricacies of monetary policy and macroeconomic policy for more than half a century. Now he tells his own story.

    Spring 2016

  • Shah to Shia

    Shah to Shia

    SCM Staff, 16 Nov 2015

    Days of Revolution takes a close look at how the Islamic Revolution in Iran played out in one village. And it sheds new light on the causes of discontent. 

    Fall 2015

  • Children in the Dark

    Children in the Dark

    SCM Staff, 16 Nov 2015

    Evil, bloodthirsty creatures and three misfit children on a quest. Anthropology lecturer Matthew Jobin’s The Nethergrim delivers young readers into a creepy but plausible world.

    Fall 2015

  • Don’t Be Cruel

    Don’t Be Cruel

    SCM Staff, 16 Nov 2015

    One could fill a book with reasons why people are cruel or compassionate. Several of our faculty just did.

    Fall 2015

  • Kid Respect

    Kid Respect

    SCM Staff, 16 Nov 2015

    Mindful Discipline is a guide for rearing respectful, responsible children.

    Fall 2015

  • Lost Record

    Lost Record

    SCM Staff, 16 Nov 2015

    The discovery of a long-lost manuscript might just undo a century of thinking about George Romanes—scientist, poet, and one of Darwin’s close friends. And change the conversation about Darwin, faith, and science.

    Fall 2015