• Harsh Judgment

    Harsh Judgment

    Tina Vossugh, 28 Sep 2017

    Composer Scot Hanna-Weir turns a dark moment in U.S. history into a restoration of humanity. 

    Fall 2017

  • Engineering With a Mission

    Engineering With a Mission

    Monique Beeler, 28 Sep 2017

    Engineering With a Mission has been the motto of the School of Engineering for the past decade. More great things are to come. First, a look back.

    Fall 2017 

  • Here Come the Decabots

    Here Come the Decabots

    Matt Morgan, 28 Sep 2017

    Erin Guthrie ’18, Scot Tomer M.S. ’21, and their swarm of small test robots lead the charge in sniffing out pollution. 

    Fall 2017

  • Get Smart

    Get Smart

    Matt Morgan, 28 Sep 2017

    John-Paul Hurley ’18 and Behnam Dezfouli want to hit fast-forward on transforming the internet of things.

    Fall 2017

  • Home & Away

    Home & Away

    Ciaran Freeman ’18, 28 Sep 2017

    Journeys along the Mexican border with artist Richard Misrach and composer Guillermo Galindo—and one student’s exploration of the personal connection with that place.

     Fall 2017

  • Strength in Numbers

    Strength in Numbers

    Giannina Ong ’18, 28 Sep 2017

    The Jean Donovan Fellowship helps Nicholas Chan ’20 harvest hope in Cape Town.

    Fall 2017

  • Diamond in Rough Waters

    Diamond in Rough Waters

    Giannina Ong ’18, 28 Sep 2017

    Baylee Zwart ’10 handcrafts fine jewelry with an eye to promoting sustainability and making ethical choices in the market.

    Fall 2017

  • Summer of Love

    Summer of Love

    SCM Staff, 28 Sep 2017

    Where were you for the summer of ’67? We asked. Here are some of your answers: from the Haight to Vietnam, and a valedictory address looking out on a nation divided.

    Fall 2017

  • How Do You Lead?

    How Do You Lead?

    Steven Boyd Saum, 28 Sep 2017

    Major General Garrett S. Yee ’87 heads up modernization of the global IT network for the U.S. Army. His advice to young officers—and tales of when his grandmothers were stripped of their citizenship.

    Fall 2017

  • Class Notes

    Class Notes

    SCM staff, 28 Sep 2017

    Updates and news from your fellow Broncos, with photos, links, and more online. Submit your notes by October 31 to have them considered for the next print edition. Digital notes are always welcome!

    Fall 2017