Alumni Association

  • Bangalore Broncos

    Bangalore Broncos

    Alicia K. Gonzales ’09, 1 Jul 2015

    The first SCU Alumni Association international chapter—in India—thanks to Vishal Verma ’97 and director of international admission, Becky Konowicz.

  • Radiant Energy

    Radiant Energy

    Alicia K. Gonzales ’09, 1 Jul 2015

    Sowmya Ayyar ’00 and Madeleine Sears ’11 founded a yoga organization in Bangalore, India, that assists children with special needs.

  • Matchy Matchy

    Matchy Matchy

    SCM Staff, 1 Jul 2015

    A master’s in bioengineering, work at NASA Ames, study in El Salvador—they’re all part of the arc that Josergio Zaragoza ’13 has followed, thanks in part to the L.A. Catholic High School Scholarship Fund.

  • Grander Reunion

    Grander Reunion

    Alicia K. Gonzales ’09, 1 Jul 2015

    This October, the Grand Reunion will be bigger than ever—with the first programs for international alumni, and SCU Law joins the party.

  • What Inspires You?

    What Inspires You?

    Lynn Peithman Stock, 1 Jul 2015

    Answers and insights from four under-40 Broncos profiled in the Silicon Valley Business Journal for the work they’ve done in finance and law

  • Aliens from the Depths

    Aliens from the Depths

    Susan Middleton ’70, 1 Jul 2015

    A gallery of stunning photographs of marine invertebrates. The portraits reveal a kinship, mystery, and dignity.

  • Dog and Soldier

    Dog and Soldier

    SCM Staff, 1 Jul 2015

    Photos by Dan Dion ’92 shape a heartwarming tale in Tuesday Tucks Me In—told from a Golden Retreiver’s point of view.

  • Legal Leader

    Legal Leader

    SCM Staff, 1 Jul 2015

    Phyllis Hamilton J.D. ’76 named Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

  • Fair and Just

    Fair and Just

    SCM Staff, 1 Jul 2015

    Risë Jones Pichon ’73, J.D. ’76 becomes presiding judge for the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

  • Natural Law

    Natural Law

    SCM Staff, 1 Jul 2015

    John Cruden J.D. ’74 becomes assistant attorney general for the Department of Justice’s Environment and Natural Resources Division.