• History in Motion

    History in Motion

    Giannina Ong ’18, 15 Jun 2017

    Hayden Shieh ’18 earns a spot in the NCAA tourney for the third straight year and regionals for the second time—the first Bronco ever to do so.

    Summer 2017

  • Superlative Seniors

    Superlative Seniors

    Giannina Ong ’18, 15 Jun 2017

    Women’s lacrosse earns top seed at nationals: checking in with Maggie Von Massenhausen ’17 and Claire Smoker ’17.

    Summer 2017

  • The Greatest

    The Greatest

    Matt Morgan, 15 Jun 2017

    Cameron McCarthy ’17 fought her way to the National Collegiate Boxing Championships again this year. Meet the best female boxer in SCU history.

    Summer 2017

  • Retro Ruggers

    Retro Ruggers

    Matt Morgan, 15 Jun 2017

    Men’s rugby wins the Jesuit Cup and earns a spot at nationals.

    Summer 2017

  • Go Big, Go Home

    Go Big, Go Home

    Matt Morgan, 15 Jun 2017

    Ken Sears ’55 put Santa Clara in the Final Four and became the first basketball player on the cover of Sports Illustrated. After six years as a Knickerbocker and two with the Warriors, he returned to Watsonville and became a different kind of legend.

    Summer 2017

  • Cam’s Corner

    Cam’s Corner

    Eryn Olson ’16, 15 Jun 2017

     A course on courage with Marty Sammon ’56 and Cameron McCarthy ’17. Both have spent time in the ring. And Marty went to Little Rock’s Central High to defend the rights of nine black students who wanted to go to school there.

    Summer 2017

  • The Competitor

    The Competitor

    Matt Morgan, 21 May 2017

    Hayden Shieh ’18 did a lot of winning on the links this year, making his second straight trip to the NCAA regionals and nearly grabbing a WCC championship.

  • The Big Cat

    The Big Cat

    Santa Cruz Sentinel and Jim Seimas, 2 May 2017

    Saying goodbye to Ken Sears ’55, the first basketball player to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

  • “We’re Absolutely Back.”

    “We’re Absolutely Back.”

    Matt Morgan, 1 Mar 2017

    A dynasty renewed by a Cinderella finish.

    Spring 2017

  • Family Business

    Family Business

    Matt Morgan, 1 Mar 2017

    Nate Kratch ’15 had an outstanding year for the Broncos, but he's got nothing on his grandma.

    Spring 2017