Mission Matters

  • Total Supremacy

    Total Supremacy

    Steven Boyd Saum, 1 Mar 2017

    Treaties used to be the supreme law of the land. What changed?

    Spring 2017

  • The Integrity Thing

    The Integrity Thing

    Alden Mudge, 1 Mar 2017

    Thomas G. Plante on how college students can nurture an ethical self

    Spring 2017

  • Good Listen

    Good Listen

    SCM Staff, 1 Mar 2017

    Is there a common good in our common home? The Integral podcast tries to find out. 

    Spring 2017

  • Five Bucks to a Grand

    Five Bucks to a Grand

    SCM Staff, 1 Mar 2017

    Scalability is a two-way street. Students learn big concepts through small startups.

    Spring 2017

  • Monument Cute

    Monument Cute

    Esther Young '18, 1 Mar 2017

    “Formidable Fragments” by Kathy Aoki, associate professor of studio art, created a post-apocalyptic world where cute once ruled all.

    Spring 2017

  • X Marks the Spot

    X Marks the Spot

    SCM Staff, 1 Mar 2017

    “Excavations and Interpretations,” a show by SCU senior lecturer Pancho Jiménez, was ranked as one of the top 10 Bay Area shows of 2016 by Art ltd. magazine.

    Spring 2017

  • Wow, What a Lineup!

    Wow, What a Lineup!

    SCM Staff, 1 Mar 2017

    World-renowned artists come to campus to work with students in 2017.

    Spring 2017

  • Glass Grace

    Glass Grace

    Jesse Hamlin, 15 Aug 2016

    Golden tendrils and underwater life. Dale Chihuly’s Persian and Horn Chandelier welcomes a new era of the arts at SCU in the new Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building.

    Summer 2016

  • Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa

    SCM Staff, 15 Aug 2016

    The saint and the St. Clare Medal: a remembrance by William Rewak, S.J.

    Summer 2016

  • Sweet Wood

    Sweet Wood

    Matt Morgan, 15 Aug 2016

    The story of how Renee Baumgartner and the guy behind Marty McFly’s sneakers brought a big-time court to the Leavey Center.

    Summer 2016