A Day with the Dalai Lama

A Day with the Dalai Lama


Hands. Photo by Michael Collopy
High-spirited and hushed moments from Feb. 24: a day to talk about business, ethics, compassion. Plus, His Holiness gets a new sweatshirt.

For more on the Dalai Lama’s visit, read Kirk O. Hanson’s “Cultivating compassion” in the Spring 2014 SCM.

Arrival at the Leavey Center. Photo by Noah Berger
  Let us pray. Photo by Noah Berger
President Michael Engh, S.J., greets the Dalai Lama. Photo by Noah Berger   Gyuto monks chant welcome. Photo by Noah Berger
Handoff: for him, a sweatshirt; for them, responsibility for making peace. Photo by Charles Barry   “Compassion and kindness cost little, but the returns are great,” says Lloyd Dean, CEO of Dignity Health, center. Photo by Noah Berger

“Wonderful,” he says. Photo by Michael Collopy

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