Where the sea meets the sky

Where the sea meets the sky

By Sarah Perkins '13

Dazzling portraits from the ocean depths—in a new photo exhibit at San Francisco International Airport by Susan Middleton '70.

Here's one thing travelers can look forward to—as long as they're going through San Francisco International (SFO) in the next few weeks: a new photography exhibit by Susan Middleton '70. Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates—The Backbone of Life in the Sea is her latest project, and one we featured as part of a story in the Spring 2011 SCM.

Middleton's photographs of ocean invertebrates capture a sense of personality (for want of a better term) of each dazzling creature. The intimacy of the photographs offers a new appreciation of the wondrous and iridescent lives that lie beneath the waves.

"Since I can only hint at the complexity, intricacy, and mystery of what I photograph, I concentrate only on the creature," Middleton says. "I attempt to reveal what is implicit through the explicit while inspiring curiosity and reverence for the unseen."

Middleton's exhibit will run from June 2012–August 2012 in Terminal 3 of SFO.

READ AND SEE MORE: See "Life Cycle" in the Spring 2011 SCM and read editor Steven Boyd Saum's interview with Middleton.

Spineless by Susan Middleton


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