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Santa Clara Magazine - Winter 2005 Cover Story

Web Exclusive

Giving Back

Former Congressman and White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta '60, J.D. '63, teaches a political science course at SCU every fall. He says it allows him "to stay in touch with a generation that ultimately is very important to the future of our democracy."

In this issue

After America

By Deepa Arora. Thomas J. Reese, S.J., the former editor of the Jesuit weekly magazine, America, is spending a sabbatical year at SCU. He sat down for an exclusive interview with SCM to reflect on what he has witnessed, what inspires him, and the future of the Church.

A Half-Century of Art and History at SCU

By Victoria Hendel De La O. “Through its exhibitions and collections, the museum allows students and faculty to expand the walls of the classroom,” says Rebecca M. Schapp, director of the de Saisset Museum, which is celebrating its 50th year.

Making Sense of the Twenty-First Century By Making Sense Oneself

By Eric O. Hanson, Patrick A. Donohoe, S.J., Professor of Political Science at SCU. An education for the twenty-first century must foster intelligence and spirituality, global and local visions, technological and traditional forms of expression, and lifelong learning for service and for its own sake.

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