Education Makes You Fearless

Education Makes You Fearless

By Steven Boyd Saum

Photography by Charles Barry
Some meditations on the people and ideas that give us hope.

Bioengineering and chemistry are what Jo Gopinath ’19 studies. She is a student researcher in the Micro/Nanosystems Lab and is fascinated with discovering new frontiers. 

She also appreciates tradition; a hero who looms large for her is her grandmother, “a Malaysian-born Singaporean-Indian woman of a whopping 5 feet,” as Jo describes here in a piece she wrote for USA Today

Why does she look up to her grandmother? One reason, Jo says, was that her grandmother was raised to be environmentally conscious and live sustainably. That’s something that resonates across the decades.

Jo founded her own eco fashion line, GreenWithEnvy, designing new clothes from remnants of old. Last year, SCU’s Global Fellows program enabled her to intern with AHA Bolivia, a women’s co-op making recycled handicrafts. She would like to see eco fashion make inroads against throwaway clothes. 

A daunting task, perhaps. But, Jo says, “Education makes you fearless.”

For Jo, education also opened up opportunities like a $10,000 Clare Booth Luce grant to conduct research on disease-causing toxins found in water, air, and soil. 

If you’ve visited the Mission Campus, you might have met her; she serves as a tour guide for the School of Engineering.

On March 7, SCU celebrates the Day of Giving. Thanks for supporting students like Jo.

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