Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

By SCM Staff

View full image. Olivia Bormann ’16. Photography by Joanne Lee
April 6 is going to be special.

It was a gorgeous, sun-drenched Santa Clara day when Olivia Bormann ’16 was looking at colleges and visited the Mission Campus. She loved the place. Scholarships made it possible for her to come here. Philosophy is her major, entrepreneurship her minor, water her element. “If I could breathe underwater, I don’t think I’d ever leave the pool,” she says. She captains the water polo club. On land, she supervises other students in the SCU Call Center. She treasures small class sizes and how deeply professors care about students. On April 6, Olivia and many others will be asking you to make it a particularly beautiful day: All in for SCU. Make a gift to fund scholarships or your favorite thing about Santa Clara. What will it be?

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