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Are people getting crazier?

By Thomas G. Plante. From what the media offers every day, you can't help but think the world is going to hell in a handbasket. What's really going on? And what can we do about it?

Archaeologists of the Caribbean

By Monte Lorenzet. Eye patch and peg leg-we all know what makes a pirate. Or do we? Only recently have scientists taken a serious look at the archeology of piracy, with SCU's Russ Skowronek one of the hearties unearthing facts buried beneath centuries of myth.

These are my people

By Steven Boyd Saum. Photographer Dan Dion '92 confesses his addiction to comedy. Then again, nobody has photographed comics like he has.

From the High Sierra to Inlandia

The latest from the California Legacy Series.


Make 'em laugh
Dan Dion's portraits of comics grace the walls of clubs from New York to Sydney, and his work has been featured in Time and Rolling Stone. Now SCM brings you an online gallery of his photographs of comedy and rock legends alike.

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