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Santa Clara Magazine, Fall 2007  
A day in the life of the president

By Ron Hansen. Set your alarm early—then get up and follow Paul Locatelli, S.J., through a day of leading the University and serving as pastor, professor, mayor, and CEO.

Built by immigrants

By Gerald McKevitt, S.J. How Italian Jesuits helped shape the American West, from religious devotions to curriculum to pasta.

You are here

By Sarah Stanek. SCU students and faculty collaborate on a groundbreaking project documenting early life at Mission Santa Clara—and the result is a book that's the first of its kind for any mission in California.

Let your life speak

By Diane Dreher. Discovering vocation today and making time for life's deeper questions amid a culture of consumerism, careerism, and constant commotion.

Butano Ridge

A poem by Rebecca Black.


A roundtable of scholars, alumni, and community leaders looks at how community-based learning is transforming lives. And panelists ask hard questions about the very nature of higher education itself.

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