Jesuit School of Theology

  • Tomorrow Never Knows

    Tomorrow Never Knows

    Deborah Lohse, 1 Aug 2018

    Chris was too young to die. But not to save five lives.

  • Nun’s Intuition

    Nun’s Intuition

    Matt Morgan, 27 Mar 2018

    Theological education opportunities are virtually nonexistent in Vietnam— especially for women. There are no Catholic seminaries, and women aren’t afforded these opportunities elsewhere in Asia. Where do you go from there? Chi Tran, C.N.D. headed east, for the Women of Wisdom and Action program at the Jesuit School of Theology. 

    Spring 2018

  • It’s Your Job

    It’s Your Job

    SCM Staff, 16 Nov 2015

    Children’s hospital chaplain Bernice Gotelli, PBVM, told graduates of the Jesuit School of Theology that they are doing God’s work when they demonstrate compassion.

    Fall 2015

  • Fr. Fireman

    Fr. Fireman

    SCM Staff, 16 Nov 2015

    Six Jesuits newly ordained as priests have ties to SCU, including a chaplain of Berkeley’s fire department.

    Fall 2015