Bronco News

  • Tomorrow Never Knows

    Tomorrow Never Knows

    Deborah Lohse, 1 Aug 2018

    Chris was too young to die. But not to save five lives.

  • Drink Up

    Drink Up

    Perla Luna ’19, 25 Jun 2018

    Premier Nutrition Corporation calls itself “the good energy company.” VP of Operations Steve Sernett ’90 says that applies to more than healthy snacks.

  • Not Immigrant but Refugee

    Not Immigrant but Refugee

    Perla Luna ’19 , 27 Mar 2018

    Viet Thanh Nguyen won a Pulitzer for the novel The Sympathizers. Call it a war novel. Call it a spy novel. But it’s not an immigrant novel. Why? That was a central part of Nguyen’s talk on campus.

    Spring 2018

  • Discovery Engineer

    Discovery Engineer

    Sam Scott ’96, 27 Mar 2018

    Falon Fatemi ’07 went from interning at Google as a sophomore to founding Node, a business development company with $17 million in investor funding.

    Spring 2018

  • Our Place in the World

    Our Place in the World

    Steven Boyd Saum, 27 Mar 2018

    The author of The Kite Runner talks writing, refugees, and his hopes and fears for Afghanistan. An interview with writer Khaled Hosseini ’88.

    Spring 2018

  • How Soon Is Our Driverless Future?

    How Soon Is Our Driverless Future?

    Sam Scott ’96, 27 Mar 2018

    “This is the time that self-driving cars will actually happen,” says Carol Reiley ’04, founder of Drive.AI. “This generation.” 

    Spring 2018

  • Fruit of the Vine

    Fruit of the Vine

    Deborah Lohse, 27 Mar 2018

    A passion for passion fruit has made Rebecca (Mason) Kaduru ’09 a social entrepreneur in Uganda. And brought her home as first SCU grad to become an alumna of Miller Center’s Global Social Benefit Institute.

    Spring 2018

  • Hockey on Horses

    Hockey on Horses

    Gabby Deutsch ’18, 27 Mar 2018

    “Hockey on Horses” is the way that Sean Keys ’93 describes polo. And now, thanks to him, there are Broncos on those ponies.

    Spring 2018

  • Magic in Motion

    Magic in Motion

    Monique Beeler , 27 Mar 2018

    It was a magnificent year for Julie Johnston Ertz ’14. Player of the Year. Goal of the Year. And last spring she and Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz took wedding vows.

    Spring 2018

  • Mixing or Matching?

    Mixing or Matching?

    Tina Vossugh, 27 Mar 2018

    When it comes to immigrants in Silicon Valley, it’s both, says sociologist Tomas R. Jiménez ’98. His study The Other Side of Assimilation explores how immigration influences the DNA of America.

    Spring 2018