• The Fire This Time

    The Fire This Time

    Kerry Benefield, 27 Mar 2018

    After the most destructive fires in California history, how do you grapple with all that’s lost? And how do you help others put their lives back together?

     Spring 2018

  • A Cautionary Tale

    A Cautionary Tale

    Matt Morgan, 27 Mar 2018

    Sociologist Laura Nichols ’90 on how past and present converge for undocumented college students

    Spring 2018

  • The Lesson for Today

    The Lesson for Today

    Dorian Llywelyn, S.J., 28 Sep 2017

    Education, data, and a Silicon Valley solution to help teachers better understand students in East San Jose and beyond. A conversation with John Matthew Sobrato ’10.

    Fall 2017

  • A Leg Up

    A Leg Up

    Matt Morgan, 15 Jun 2017

    One school can’t change the world—or even transform a city. But Carolyn Becic ’87—along with a crew of Broncos on her staff—is opening doors for young people like Leah Sparkman ’21 at St. Andrew Nativity in Portland.

    Summer 2017

  • A Field of Dreams

    A Field of Dreams

    Michael S. Malone ’75, MBA ’77 , 15 Jun 2017

    A Field of Dreams is what George Chiala ’64 saw when he looked across an unprepossessing 40-acre plot covered with row upon row of jalapeño pepper plants. Commuters racing by on 101 near Morgan Hill likely didn’t see the future he imagined there: a bell tower and ranks of classroom buildings in Mission Revival style. The school’s name: Saint John XXIII College Preparatory High School.

    Summer 2017

  • Guadalupe Hall

    Guadalupe Hall

    SCM Staff, 16 Nov 2015

    The School of Education and Counseling Psychology gets a cool new HQ. And Carol Ann Gittens takes the helm as interim dean.

    Fall 2015

  • Theory and practice

    Theory and practice

    Marisa Solis, 1 May 2013

    For teachers, a new program combines a master’s plus credential.

    Spring/Summer 2013