To Market

To Market

By Deborah Lohse

Photo courtesy iStock
The Leavey School of Business unveils its “Production Innovation” program aimed at helping companies beat the 80 percent fail rate.

Startups and fast-growing companies begin dreaming about IPO riches once they’ve found an opportunity, launched a unique product, and attracted early funding. But as many companies learn too late, if they can’t commercialize their product—prove its marketability to future funders, conduct market research, and price and promote the product for optimal return on investment—the company is likely to be among the 80 percent of startups that fizzle. How to take the sizzle to market? A new product marketing and product management certificate program from the Leavey School of Business aims to boost product marketing skills for managers who realize they need to move their company and products to the next level. “Productizing Innovation” is the name of the program. Santa Clara professors and Silicon Valley marketing pros teach. Also on the agenda: “soft” skills that are sorely needed in the Valley, such as the ability to lead a team, understand potential customers, and “sell up” to management.

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