Good light

Good light

By Charles Barry

New Moon Crescent: The Virgen de Guadalupe celebration in the Mission Church. Photo by Charles Barry
For a quarter century Charles Barry has told Santa Clara's stories in photographs. Here are a few.
Photographer, Photographed: Charles Barry. Photo by Ryan Selewicz ’13

See the people who sustain Santa Clara and are inspired by it: an engineering student hauling an underwater robot to the surface of Lake Tahoe, a dancer guiding her class in the exuberance of motion. See the Mission Gardens in the magic hours when the light is golden.

These are certainly moments that Chuck Barry has captured with his camera in the past 25 years. His favorite shoots are with students in real situations, catching the personal interaction; there might be dignity or whimsy in the moment.

Hear Charles discuss a few of his photos.

He’s won national and regional awards for his work, which has taken him across the country and farther afield, to places where alumni and faculty and students work and play. He’s brought his mandolin-playing skills to the community Fiesta that is the annual Virgen de Guadalupe celebration on campus. If he could invite a handful of folks to join him for dinner, the guests would include his parents, Mark Twain, and Frank Zappa.

And he’d be the first to say that it’s the ideas and aspirations of this place that keep it—and photographing it—fascinating and new. Steven Boyd Saum

Selected Photographs

  • Stillness and motion
  • New moon crescent
  • Capitol Ride
  • Play, sing
  • St. Clare in profile
  • Hand carved in Oberammergau
  • On expedition
  • Covered in color
  • People, place, and pups
  • Easter moon
  • Parish work
  • Let sleeping dogs lie
  • The ideal pub
  • Making a move
  • Father and son
  • Moment of stillness
  • West side story
  • East L.A.
  • Strength and grace
  • Cool, clear water
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